Sustainable entrepreneurship with Mac mini

Do you choose for Green Mini host? That is a green and responsible decision. 

The Mac mini is not only more compact, but is also far more energy efficient than traditional servers.

This in combination with highly sustainable data centers makes sure you are choosing a green hosting solution.

CO2 neutral hosting

Reducing emissions is a very important first step, but unfortunately it is hard to avoid all emissions. To compensate our companies’ and customer’s CO2 emissions, we partnered with ClimatePartner to offset all of our carbon emissions, from employee travel through (upstream) energy usage of servers and airconditioning. This is done through verifiable and audited projects worldwide.

Mac mini: 4 reasons it is greener

Low energy usage: the Mac Mini uses less than 20W of electricity when idle. This is only a fraction more than an energy saving light bulb. Try and compare it to ordinary 19″ servers. The Mac mini even won an award in this field, the EPA ENERGY STAR.

Smart power adapter: converting the power ‘from the wall’ to the computer is usually highly inefficient. The Mac Mini however has a smart power adapter which keeps the waste of energy to a minimum

Energy efficient parts: the Mac Mini even has an energy efficient interior. The hardware parts like the processor and hard drive are highly energy efficient. And optimally combined with advanced software Apple has lowered the energy use even more.

Recyclable materials and efficient packaging: even the end of the Mac Mini life cycle contributes to a cleaner environment. Because the computer is so small and made of aluminum and polycarbonate it’s easily recyclable. Besides, the Mac Mini does not contain any traces of lead, PVC or environmentally harmful flame retardants.
Not just the end, but the beginning of the cycle is also environmentally friendly. With its efficient packaging the CO2 emission during transport is lowered significantly. A small detail with a big effect.