Network and infrastructure

Green Mini host uses different green and reliable data center locations in The Netherlands (EU).

This way we are able to host for example two Mac minis on physically separate locations and networks. This to increase redundancy and uptime of your services.

We would be more than happy to show you around one of our facilities if you are interested in our services.


Serverius is a modern data center in Dronten and Meppel (NL). We can guarantees a very high uptime by using several techniques for emergency power, fire extinguishing systems and redundant network paths.

Fully 2N

Serverius is one of the few data centers that is build fully 2N. This means that the power supply to our racks has been carried out redundant. Both UPS’es and diesel generators are available twice, so always one can fail.

Connections to major Internet Exchanges

Besides a 2N power supply, the network of the data center provides very fast and good connections to the main internet exchanges in Europe and the rest of the world. With a huge capacity that exceeds 300Gbps, there is plenty of room to grow. Again, everything is done redundantly so that a partial network failure does not result in downtime of our services.

Low latency European netwerk

Here you will find an overview of the internet backbone your Mac mini will be connected to. As you can see this is a varied high volume network to ensure low latency connections all over the world.

40Gbps AMS-IX

20Gbps DE-CIX Frankfurt

20Gbps NL-IX public peering

20Gbps GE-CIX Frankfurt

40Gbps RETN international telecommunications

20Gbps Tinet – Gtt

20Gbps Level3 Communications

20Gbps TATA communications

20Gbps Atrato & Hibernia

120Gbps of other partial and full transit and private peers



From the CO2-neutral EvoSwitch data center in Haarlem, The Netherlands we will connect your Mac Mini server with the world wide web.

Hoogwaardige netwerkapparatuur

It goes without saying we exclusively take advantage of the most advanced (network) equipment to limit any downtime of the network or your server to an absolute minimum.

Continue stroomtoevoer

Verder heeft EvoSwitch goede faciliteiten voor noodsituaties. Door middel van een UPS-systeem en noodaggregaten is een continue stroomtoevoer gewaarborgd.

Geen onbevoegden

Additionally, our data center has high grade facilities to accommodate emergency situations. With the aid of an UPS system and emergency generators an uninterrupted current of electricity is guaranteed. Furthermore we work with strict access control and 24/7 security to prevent any unauthorized individuals the access to your server.