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Green Mini host is a special hosting company. The idea behind Green Mini host is very simple: we use Apple’s Mac mini as a private server. The Mac mini is a very stable and energy-efficient server; ideal for in a green data center. The idea is very successful because we have been around since 2009 and we have many satisfied customers, ranging from small businesses to enterprise customers with hundreds of servers.

Green Mini host started with a single Mac mini server in a shared rack. Quite an odd situation: the small square Mac mini with external power supply sitting between traditional 1U-servers. One Mac mini is nice, but that one soon got a lot of company. Green Mini host grew quickly to become the largest provider of Mac mini hosting in Europe.

Outstanding service

On all our services you have complete freedom over the software and data running on your server. You choose what software to install, how backups are controlled and how security is set. With full root access you are able to do this yourself on an intuitive way. We manage everything from power supply to network and OS reinstalls.

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Responsible entrepreneurship with a Mac mini

If you choose a Mac mini, it’s a green choice. A Mac mini is not only more compact, but is also far more energy efficient than ordinary servers. Additionally Green Mini host uses highly sustainable data centers and compensates all CO2-emissions of our company and the hosted servers. 

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Network and infrastructure

Green Mini host uses different green and reliable data centers location in The Netherlands (EU), and we operate out own AS network, for maximum flexibility and control. Our network is directly connected to major Internet Exchanges and cloud providers such as Amazon and Google.

With fast redundant 10-100 Gigabit network connections and redundant power feeds, we keep your server running 24/7. You could even choose to spread your servers across our data centers for increased redundancy.

We would be happy to show you around at one of our facilities if you are interested in the services of Green Mini host.

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Rent or buy from 1 to hundreds of servers. Monthly contracts. Your choice!