Is a Mac mini Server reliable?

The quality of the used hardware in a Mac mini is quite high. Hardware failures are very rare. One reason for this is that the server is placed in an optimal environment: temperature and humidity in the data center are continuously monitored and maintained.

The weakest part of the Mac mini is its hard drive. As with all other hard drives there is a chance of a drive failure. So it is advisable to make regular backups. In addition, on Mac mini with two disks its possible to make use of RAID to mirror your data.

Can I try your services before signing up?

Sure, there are possibilities. You can sign up for month-to-month contracts. Please contact us if you want to test our services or network: we can give you access to one of our test servers in the data center.

How can I access my Mac mini server?

If your Mac mini servers runs in the data center you should of course be able to log in into it. This can be done on various ways. Most common is making a Remote Desktop (VNC) connection from you Mac. You can control your server as if it were in front of you.

You can also connect to your Mac mini via a SSH-connection in Terminal or to use 3rd-party software such as TeamViewer.

Can I host large web sites on a Mac mini?

This is absolutely possible. A Mac mini can have enough RAM-memory (up to 16GB) to serve websites to thousands of visitors. Database transactions are quite fast and by using SSD-storage you can even increase speed more. We offer fast connections to all large Internet exchanges, so visitors will experience no delays in reaching your web site.

Should one Mac mini not be enough to host your high-traffic web site; you can easily add more nodes at low cost.

Is it possible to connect multiple domain names to a Mac mini?

Yes, you can connect as much domains as you want to your Mac mini. Whether you are running a web server or mail server, a Mac mini is very useful for hosting multiple domain names.

We can also offer you domain registrations of almost all available domain extensions.

How long does it take to get my server up and running?

We strive for a quick deployment of our services. We can usually provide same day installation on standard dedicated models. We place your colocated server as soon as possible after it has reached us. Of course we can also make an appointment for this.

What happens when my Mac mini has hardware problems?

Hardware problems are unfortunately always a risk. Fortunately, often a quick solution available. Usually a remote reboot offers outcome. If the problem is bigger, it is sometimes necessary to have an intervention in the data center.

In the event of a server failure, we received a message from our monitoring software. In this way we are able to act as quickly as possible.

In the case of a dedicated Mac mini we don’t charge for repair or replacement of the Mac mini. When it is a colocated server, we will act as soon as possible in consultation with the client to discuss what his needs are. Depending on the nature of the problem, we can then proceed to repair or replace the server. The costs are for the customer because it is its own hardware.

Of course we will help you as quickly as possible on to get the server up and running again and put your backups back.

Can I connect external storage to my Mac mini?

Yes. This is possible in several ways. You can for example attach external drives to your Mac mini via USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt. We don’t charge any monthly fees for 2.5″ bus-powered hard drives. Depending on the size and power consumption of larger drives, NAS’es and storage arrays, we charge colocation fees.

Please contact us for a quote.