Exchange alternative: Kerio Connect mail server. Share your information always and everywhere.

Have a business and want to check your email, calendars and contact information wherever you are on all devices with Internet connection? Then Kerio Connect may be the right solution for your company. With Kerio Connect you can store all this information on a central place. Access your data easily on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Kerio is a perfect alternative to an expensive Microsoft Exchange server. It is easy to migrate from Exchange (or other mail platform) to Kerio. We are happy to assist you with that.

On a Mac mini server its possible to have a Kerio Connect server to run dozens of users. With the convenient management interface, you can easily create own user accounts and change the settings for the mail server. There are several options to make your important email data backups and it is even possible to use a second Mac mini as a backup server in another location.

For more information on Kerio Connect, see the website of Kerio .