Is your company working on Apple computers and are you looking for a great CRM? Then Daylite is probably a good choice. It is a great solution to manage all your contacts, projects, customer info and sales at one single point.

Synchronize all the information seamlessly with your iPhone and iPad, so you’ll always be updates with the latest data. Daylite is ideal to store all important company data at a central point and link all data together.

Daylite is working with a central database model, that can be hosted online in our data center. As all devices sync with this central database, it is important to keep it on a high available server. A Mac mini is a great server to do this, and with our services you are ensured of maximum availability.

Green Mini host has a strategic cooperation with a certified Daylite integrator. This way, we are able to assist your on the complete integration project in your organization.